Something Special… With Beef Bacon!

A BLT is one of life’s perfect dishes: It’s an easy-to-make meal with a simple list of ingredients and it can be enjoyed any time (breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack). A good BLT will leave everyone at the table with a satisfied smile!

If you want to take your BLT-ing to the next level then you’ll love our BBLT — a Beef Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich.

Here’s how we make them:beef-bacon-sandwich

  1. In your favorite pan, start frying 4-6 slices of beef bacon.
  2. Peel and wash 2-4 leaves of Romaine lettuce.
  3. Wash and slice 2 Roma tomatoes.
  4. Cut yourself 2 slices of freshly baked sour dough bread and toast lightly.
  5. When the beef bacon is almost cooked to your desired crispness, remove from the pan. (Unlike regular bacon, beef bacon does not have a lot of fat or grease so you may not want to dab it with a paper towel as you normally would with pork-derived bacon).
  6. Lay one slice of toast on your plate and lightly spread on some olive oil mayonnaise.
  7. Layer on the lettuce and then the tomato.
  8. Add sea salt to taste.
  9. Layer on the bacon.
  10. Lightly spread olive oil mayonnaise on the top slice of toast and lay it on top.
  11. Call your afternoon appointments and tell them that you’ll be late because you’re about to eat the greatest BBLT you’ve ever eaten and you’ll probably end up making a second or perhaps a third right away.

Friends Coming Over For The Big Game?

Prepare the BBLT ingredients ahead of time but don’t put them together. Array them on a plate and provide paper plates and napkins. Your guests can assemble their own BBLT and they’ll be delighted to discover that you’re serving a healthier alternative to bacon —beef bacon! Plus, they’ll be talking about the big game night for a long time after (and not because of the game but because of the BBLT!)