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Beef Bacon Brings Deliciousness To More People

Timeless Customs Meet Modern Kitchens Bacon is a popular food choice, beloved for its taste, smell, and culinary experience. Bacon really makes every meal more delicious and it is well-known as one of the most popular foods in the world — requested in restaurants and added as a “must buy” on countless household grocery lists. But not everyone can enjoy the sizzly goodness of bacon. Bacon: Beloved But Sometimes Forbidden Bacon is typically made of pork and some cultural and religious customs prohibit the consumption of pork and pork-derived foods. For thousands of years, devoted practitioners of these customs have willingly given up bacon in order to remain observant to […]

Welcome to The Beef Bacon Blog!

Put On The Frying Pan And Get Ready For Some Sizzle   In the Beef Bacon Blog we’ll share with you all of the deliciously great things about beef bacon: Ideas for recipes — from ramping up much-loved recipes to entirely new creations from top chefs Tips and strategies for cooking the perfect slice of beef bacon. (Although you’ll probably want to cook more than one slice… we can’t stop at just one!) Pictures of beef bacon… because you can never look at too many pictures of beef bacon!!! We’ve got our Beef Bacon Production Studios being set up right now to also bring you some really great videos So check back […]