Beef Up Your Bacon by Dan Clapson

Alberta Beef BaconA love affair with bacon never wavers. It is a strong, life-long connection that begins at an early age. That first recognition of salty, tasty ‘goodness’ with your very first bite as a youngster. Now, like yourselves, I’ve committed myself to bacon for a good chunk of my life. So you can imagine my dismay when I recently discovered temptation in the form of beef bacon (yes, I said BEEF bacon), at the Calgary Farmers Market.

Alberta Beef Bacon offers tasty alternate to the everyday pork version. Taken from a short plate cut of a beef steer (doesn’t sound familiar? It’s where short ribs, skirt, and hanger steaks come from), the meat is then transformed into these tasty, ready-to-fry strips.

They cook identically to pork bacon and have a taste that could only be described as ‘beefy,” but it is as delicious as the original. To be sure, I’ve tried beef bacon out in appetizers (beef bacon-wrapped water chestnuts), suppers (mashed celery root w/beef bacon), and, of course, breakfast (scrambled eggs and beef bacon).

For now, this specialty item is only available in Calgary, but I’ll bet you one million strips that this beef bacon will be coming to a store near you sometime soon!

The only problem is… how do I tell pork that I’ve found somebody else?

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