Beef Bacon is beefing up bacon, changing eating habits in a big way

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Beef Bacon Inc. is beefing up bacon and changing eating habits in a big way!

(CALGARY, AB – April 12, 2011) – Bacon is a popular meat choice among consumers. It tastes great on its own and paired with other ingredients in countless recipes. But not everyone can enjoy it: People might be restricted from eating bacon because it comes from a pig, or because they adhere to religious or social customers that forbid them from eating pork. Today, thanks to Canadian Beef Bacon, they can enjoy the delicious taste of bacon once again.

Canadian Beef Bacon is an Alberta-owned company that has worked closely with the cattle industry to create an exciting innovation in the food industry. Richard Ouellette, founder of Canadian Beef Bacon, explains their success: “We’ve created a product that looks and smells and tastes like bacon, but it’s not. It’s far better than conventional pork bacon. People who love bacon but cannot eat it can now put some bacon-flavoured excitement back into their meals.”

Using a part of the cow called “the plate”, meat processors create bacon-sized strips of beef that are cured in a similar way to pork bacon. The meat is seasoned and packaged and sits in grocery stores where consumers can bring it home to use in their recipes.

People love this new product because it combines all of the delicious attributes of bacon while providing the healthier and faith-friendlier choice of beef. Ouellette adds, “People also love beef bacon because it is prepared in the same way as bacon and all of the recipes that people loved to add bacon to can be enjoyed just as much with beef bacon.”

Canadian Beef Bacon distributes its beef bacon to the marketplace in a number of ways, providing consumers with beef bacon in grocery stores, restaurants, and even at farmers’ markets. “Everywhere we go,” says Ouellette, “people find the idea of BEEF bacon to be a compelling idea. It just makes sense as a superior alternative to the more conventional pork bacon.”

“We’ve ensured that customers have all of the flavour, variety, and usefulness of bacon but provided in a way that allows them to enjoy their bacon guilt-free,” adds Ouellette.

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