Beef Bacon Inc. is supported by The Beef Information Centre

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 Beef Bacon Inc. is supported by The Beef Information Centre!

Dear Mr. Janzen,

The Beef Information Centre is pleased to offer its support of your efforts to bring value-added Canadian beef products to the retail and foodservice markets, through our work with supply chain alignment and assistance with processing and ingredient technology.

We also support your endorsement of the Canadian Beef Advantage (CBA). The CBA is built on five pillars:

  • authentically Canadian – a trustworthy partner, with a long, successful history in beef cattle
  • production who provides ongoing marketing and merchandising support;
  • world leader in beef safety and cattle production;
  • superior meat quality and consistency;
  • exceptional eating experience;
  • healthy and nutritious.

These pillars demonstrate the Canadian beef industry’s commitment to providing only the best beef to consumers.

The beef cattle industry contributes $24.6 billion to the Canadian economy each year, and produces approximately 3.5 billion pounds of beef annually. Consumers spent 42 per cent of their protein expenditures on beef in 2010 and research has shown that Canadian consumers and purchasers overwhelmingly prefer Canadian beef over imported beef.

There are new opportunities for beef in non-traditional formats, and we support your efforts to leverage those with your innovative product offering. It is clear that both Canada the u .S. are markets where your product can succeed.

We thank you for your innovative approach to expanding the product line for beef products, and for your commitment to the beef industry.


Glenn Brand
CEO, Beef Information Centre

– 30 –

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Director of Corporate Communications