Beef Bacon Brings Deliciousness To More People

Timeless Customs Meet Modern Kitchens

Bacon is a popular food choice, beloved for its taste, smell, and culinary experience. Bacon really makes every meal more delicious and it is well-known as one of the most popular foods in the world — requested in restaurants and added as a “must buy” on countless household grocery lists.

But not everyone can enjoy the sizzly goodness of bacon.

Bacon: Beloved But Sometimes Forbidden
Bacon is typically made of pork and some cultural and religious customs prohibit the consumption of pork and pork-derived foods. For thousands of years, devoted practitioners of these customs have willingly given up bacon in order to remain observant to their traditions.

Now, even the most observant cultural or religious practitioners can enjoy the delicious taste, sizzling smell, and memorable culinary experience of bacon… in beef bacon. A modern food innovation that creates the bacon experience from beef instead of pork.

How Restricted-Diet Cultures And Religions Can Now Enjoy Bacon
Beef bacon delivers the beloved taste, smell, and experience that bacon provides, but it does so in a way that honors cultural or religious customs, turning a once-forbidden food into a welcome treat and the perfect addition to any meal.

Now, that once forbidden BLT sandwich or bacon and eggs breakfast can now be enjoyed by thousands of people who will remain observant to the customs they are committed to.

More Than Beef Bacon
And we offer more than beef bacon! We also offer beef ham, a suitable alternative for recipes that call for ham.

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