Alberta company introduces a new way to enjoy bacon

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Alberta company introduces a new way to enjoy bacon

(CALGARY, AB – April 12, 2011) – Bacon has the dubious distinction of being both one of the most beloved forms of meat as well as one of the most forbidden. Many people love to eat bacon, but many more people wish they could eat bacon but cannot, either because of health reasons, a food allergy, or religious reasons. One Alberta-based company, Canadian Beef Bacon Inc., is looking to change that.

Canadian Beef Bacon makes beloved bacon, but with a twist: they make it from beef instead of pork.

Richard Ouellette, founder of Canadian Beef Bacon, explains the reason for beef bacon: “Everyone loves bacon, but not everyone can eat it. We want to make bacon available to everyone who wants to eat it by eliminating the reasons that people avoided it. We realized that people wanted to eat bacon but didn’t want to eat pork.”

After considerable testing, Canadian Beef Bacon discovered the perfect recipe that would allow beef to be cured in a similar way to pork to create beef bacon that could then be cooked and eaten in a similar way to pork bacon.

Initial test markets proved that it was a hit and beef bacon quickly became a sought-after ingredient at kitchen tables and restaurant tables.

Beef bacon looks and smells and tastes like pork bacon, but because it is made from a cow, it offers many advantages that pork bacon does not: It’s healthier, it’s not taboo, and pork allergy sufferers can eat it. And, beef bacon is prepared in the same way that bacon is prepared, which means that people can simply substitute bacon in a recipe for the far superior beef bacon.

“Beef is a great food and we are thrilled to work with the beef industry to bring this innovative, exciting, and delicious food to a very eager marketplace,” says Ouellette.

“Best of all,” adds Ouellette, “it’s surprising. People are intrigued by the idea of bacon that isn’t made from pork, and they’re always surprised by how good it is. Beef bacon has the potential to rival pork bacon for popularity!”

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