• Beef up your Bacon

  • Beef up your Bacon

  • Beef up your Bacon

  • Beef up your Bacon

  • Beef up your Bacon

Welcome to The Beef Bacon Corporation

beef-bacon-sandwichBeef Bacon Corporation is a Wolfe Group of companies and the world’s foremost pioneer in the development and production of Beef Bacon products.

Beef bacon was invented by the company founder, a food industry innovator who then spent several years researching, developing, and testing to create the most delicious bacon-cured beef product possible.

When it was brought to market, Beef Bacon was an instant hit, generating accolades from the beef industry, food critics, restaurant owners, the news-media, and bacon-lovers everywhere. All were delighted that a delicious bacon-cured product was now available – for bacon-lovers, beef-lovers, and even people on no-pork diets.

The Beef Bacon Corporation continues to shatter expectations by innovating new products and services to meet the unprecedented demand. Beef Bacon Corporation is also a member of the World Beef Bacon Alliance, an organization of members who are certified to produce or sell standardized Beef Bacon.

The Beef Bacon Corporation has obtained all national and international certifications for producing, distributing, and selling food products, and the organization has worked closely with the global industry and leading research labs to bring this product to market.

Consumers have becoming increasingly aware of how their health and wellness is affected by the food they eat. They’re purchasing some foods and avoiding others based on diets and dietary restrictions.

Delicious… AND Diet-friendly?

Willams-Sanoma-3Ever-popular bacon remains a weak link in the dietary chain. This food, which is high in cholesterol and fat, is not an ideal diet choice – either forcing consumers to give up their diet or enjoy the tasty treat.gallery5-284x300

Fortunately, dieters can indulge their bacon craving with beef bacon – a product that looks, smells, and tastes like pork bacon but has all the benefits of beef.

The Preferred Choice For Discerning Consumers

Beef Bacon at Sial Food ShowOnce, bacon was the only product available. But thanks to the innovations of Beef Bacon Corporation, Beef Bacon is now quickly replacing bacon as the preferred choice. Beef Bacon is becoming an essential ingredient in household kitchens and restaurants, replacing the unhealthier conventional products. Consumers aren’t comparing Beef Bacon to bacon; when given the option, they are choosing Beef Bacon as the product they want to eat.

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